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How the keyword search works

You can enter one word or up to five words separated by spaces. For a match to be found, each of the words must exist somewhere within the searchable fields.

This system searches the following fields:

  • Job Title (ie: Cook, Nurse, Manager)
  • Job Description
  • Wage/Salary Info (ie: $10, DOE, Negotiable)
  • Employment type (ie: Full time, FT/PT, self)
  • Employer Name

To get the best results make sure the spelling is correct. Try different variations or search words. For example if looking for work as an auto mechanic, try searching for automobile, automotive, and/or technician.

You may get results that are unexpected. The word(s) searched on may appear in a different context within the job posting.

Example: search for "Physician" and get back a Farm Labourer job that has the word physician in the job description: "must be in good physical condition employer may request attending physician's report".

Home | Search Jobs | How the Keyword Search Works